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Supplements For Cats – Get Your Cat the Omega 3 It Needs


Are you fed up with supplements for cats and ready to try something different? A change in your cat’s diet and lifestyle could be the solution. One reason that your pet supplements may not be working is that they only address one piece of the puzzle. Sure, you’ve worked to make sure their diets are nutritionally balanced and free of harmful toxins, but that other things do your pets need? There are many different supplements for cats that can help your pet’s health and quality of life improve dramatically.

supplements for cats
cat supplements

It’s important to realize that your pet supplements for cats aren’t just a part of good pet care. They’re also part of a comprehensive plan that includes changes in lifestyle, diet, and exercise. In fact, many pet parents don’t even get to the point of adding supplements to their pet’s diet until all these other efforts have been made. Most people don’t realize the extent of the impact that poor nutrition and lack of exercise have on feline health. In fact, some experts estimate that poor diet and lack of exercise cause more problems for cats than any other single factor.

Fortunately, the benefits of pet supplements for cats can be easily integrated into a comprehensive pet care package. Fortunately, this kind of approach isn’t new. In fact, experts have been using commercial quality products for years to provide their furry friends with everything they need. So if you’re tired of hearing about all the chemicals and preservatives that you have to avoid, or worrying that your pet won’t get enough exercise, or getting sick, there are natural solutions that can provide everything your cat needs to stay happy and healthy. Fortunately, most quality pet supplements for cats can be purchased at a decent price.

One of the best cat supplements for cats that have been developed is a blend of protein, amino acids, and fatty acids called taurine. Cats love fish and one of the ways they get essential fatty acids is through fish oil. But as cats age, they stop getting that vital fatty acid supply and need an additional source to meet their dietary needs. For years, pet owners have used dietary supplements that contain taurine to help them meet these nutritional needs.

Taurine is naturally present in fish oil and small amounts in eggs. It is believed that cats can only derive omega 3 from fish oil. But recent studies show that adults can take advantage of the health benefits of this amino acid as well. So don’t assume that just because your cat is eating fish oil that he’s getting the essential fatty acid; it may simply be the case that the source is inferior. And if your pet supplement doesn’t contain omega 3 marine, you may want to start giving your kitty a supplement of another type.

In addition to dietary fish oil, most cats need digestive enzymes added to their nutrition. A cat’s diet alone isn’t enough to provide it with these vital enzymes; it must be supplemented with them. Fortunately, manufacturers have discovered that adding digestive enzymes to cat food is an easy way to provide them with these important nutrients. Therefore, many cat foods now contain these important nutrients in them.

Many pet supplements also contain ingredients such as probiotics, antioxidants, minerals, and other nutrients that promote overall wellness in cats. This is why you want to check with a holistic vet whenever you think your pet may have a deficiency. He or she can look into the health of your cat and suggest a good all-natural diet to provide it with the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Remember, if you feed your cat fish oil, he’s probably not getting the essential fatty acids that he needs. If you provide him a quality all-natural food, you can give him the essential vitamins and nutrients that he needs to remain healthy. You will soon see that the results are long term – your cat will live a long, happy, and healthy life. Don’t let your cat go without the vital nutrients that he needs, including omega 3 fatty acids. Consult with your holistic vet today!

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