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Supplements For Cats – Fish Oil & Essential Nutrients

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There are various supplements for cats. As a responsible pet owner, you should be aware of the possible health risks associated with them. Pet owners must choose to include or exclude supplements from their pets’ regular diet, based on their individual assessment of the cat’s health situation. Even though most commercial pet supplements for cats do not contain known harmful ingredients, some do. In this article, I will share with you the most effective supplements for cats, based on my experience as a pet owner.

To start with, one of the most effective supplements for cats is a quality commercial brand of cat food. I highly recommend Purina for all of my pet cats. Their cat vitamins come in formulas that contain a variety of nutrients including minerals, trace elements, and protein. The cat vitamins I have reviewed on their website can be purchased in a package of six, ten, or twelve doses.

After the introduction of the cat food brands that contain premium dry cat food, the market for supplements for cats has grown significantly. This is probably because many of the owners who purchase these premium cat foods also supplement their pet’s food with a premium brand of cat food. Another reason for the growth of supplements for the cat food industry is that many veterinarians promote the use of commercially prepared food for cats with kidney disease.

One of the best supplements for cats is the MCT (monosodium glutamate) food diet. A recent study showed that cats fed a regular MCT-rich food diet experienced a significant improvement in their ability to digest and absorb calcium, phosphorous, and potassium. They had higher levels of these three nutrients in their urine. The improved nutrient absorption can prevent bone disease as well as provide a more abundant amount of energy for cats.

Another effective supplement for cats is fish oil. Recent studies have shown that fish oil increases the activity of the trans-saturated fatty acids or triglycerides. These acids are actually considered “bad” fats because they can clog the arteries, which can cause atherosclerosis or heart disease. Fish oil is a source of omega 3 fatty acids, which play an important role in the cardiovascular system and brain.

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Cats also require an adequate supply of vitamin A, which is found in the liver and eggs. Vitamin A is necessary for healthy eyesight and skin. Taurine is another essential ingredient in fish oil. Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that helps control inflammation in the body and prevents damage to the immune system. A lack of taurine can result in reduced lung functionality, decreased fertility, and in some cases, premature death.

In addition to supplements for cats‘ omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil provides additional health benefits such as cardiovascular disease prevention, depression treatment, and arthritis pain relief. Omega 3 fish oil is also an essential source of essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The mineral potassium is needed for proper kidney function. If your cat has a deficiency of potassium it can result in urinary tract infections, bone loss, and joint pain. Vitamins A, D, E, and K are all needed to maintain a balanced metabolism and healthy tissues.

As you can see, these fish oils are a fantastic food source for your cat. However, like all foods, they must be carefully prepared and strictly supervised. Feeding your cat the wrong types of food can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies and even disease. By learning how to feed your cat a diet high in essential nutrients along with quality cat foods that provide digestive enzymes will ensure that your cat receives the optimal nutritional needs. You will both be a happier and healthier cat.

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