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Holistic Vet recommends Cat Supplements

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If your cat has urinary stones or kidney disease, adding supplements for cats to their diet can be very beneficial. When cats with this disease have difficulty urinating, they will often lick the sides of their bowl to try to clean out their systems. They then spread this nasty liquid all over their paws and whatever else they can reach. If you don’t do anything about this problem, soon your cat will be smelly, lethargic, and probably uncooperative.

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Cat food is full of preservatives designed to prevent spoiling. Unfortunately, many pet parents use this as an excuse for not feeding their pets the correct food. By teaching their pets what food contains and how to naturally get it to their mouths without using a bottle, you can stop this dangerous practice. In addition to this, cat vitamins are very good for the health of your pet. Just read through the ingredients on the label and you will see that they are carefully chosen.

The best supplement for cats is a mix of fish oil, bladder stone preventers, lots of fresh vegetables (raw and cooked), and a small number of dried fruits. Fish oil is particularly beneficial if your cat has kidney problems. Fish oil contains essential fatty acids, which your cat’s body is unable to make on its own. This is why many cats with such problems are unable to keep their bladders strong enough to drink water regularly. Fish oil also contains omega 3 fatty acids which are particularly important for this species’ health.

Pet owners who believe that supplements for cats are not necessary should read the labels on the supplements. Common supplements for cats contain only a tiny amount of essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are found in special sources only. Pet food manufacturers, rather than including these fatty acids in their products, use inferior quality oils which provide almost no benefit.

Another reason for not providing your cat with a proper supplement is because it tastes bland. If you add fish oil or some other fatty acid to dry cat food, it will taste bland. But if you add the fish oil directly to your cat’s food, it will be chewy and attractive instead of flat and flavorless. Cat foods that are high in fats can also clog the intestines and prevent the absorption of essential nutrients.

A great supplement for cats is the “LifeSource Bits” from Health Unlimited. LifeSource Bits is made with beef heart, fish oil, and wheat gluten. LifeSource Bit is an excellent source of both calcium and protein. These are two very important elements for healthy bones and muscles. If you give your cat LifeSource Bits instead of cat food, it will get all the calcium it needs, plus the amino acids, the mineral zinc, and the vitamins A, C, and E.

If you’re feeding your cat commercial food, you should make sure that it contains all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs. If you want to treat chronic diseases, you’ll need to give your cat a special diet. Holistic veterinarians and other cat owners have tried all kinds of treatments, from natural remedies to prescription supplements. The best thing they’ve found for feline nutrition is dietary supplements. If you have difficulty coming up with a dietary plan, there are some homemade cat vitamins that you can purchase.

If you look online, you can find plenty of reviews about various cat health supplements. You should take care to do your research before you buy anything and only buy from a reputable website. Most websites will sell their products at wholesale prices, which means that you will save money on the product. Some of the best cat vitamins are available from LifeSource Bits and Healthy Pets. LifeSource Bits and Healthy Pets offer a wide variety of supplements, including everything you need to keep your cat healthy.

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